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CNG Price in Pakistan

Compressed Natural Gas CNG Prices in Pakistan are separated into two regions: Region-I (Rs. 128/Kg) and Region-II (Rs. 184/Kg). Prices are adjusted regularly based on fresh updates.

What Exactly is CNG?

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is a cheap-cost alternative to diesel, gasoline, and LPG. CNG is created by compressing natural gas until it is reduced to 1% of its original volume, after which it is kept in rigid cylinders and sent to markets or customers. CNG is superior to the fuels mentioned above in that it emits fewer undesirable gases when ignited. It has no corrosive properties and emits no odour. There is no fear of spillage because it scatters in the air.

CNG Operation

Though compressed natural gas (CNG) can be used in either liquid or gas states, it is compressed to 3,000 psi in Pakistan before use. Steel alloy is used to make tanks or cylinders for filling CNG. When compressed natural gas enters the combustion chamber, it mixes with the air. The initial ignition produces a spark, and the explosion resulting from the ignition produces energy that moves the vehicle.

CNG utilization

CNG is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel, which is one of the main reasons it has found employment as a fuel. A vehicle must be converted from petroleum or other fuel settings to gas settings to use compressed natural gas, which usually entails installing a gas cylinder.

As travelling is a daily duty, a car or any other vehicle with a pre-installed gas cylinder containing 15 liters of petrol could take you to several locations in a day instead of a car operating on petrol, which would require you to stop once or twice to replenish. Because of the low price, its use as a fuel has grown in Pakistan, India, Europe, Iran, South and North America. Aside from cars, CNG is also utilized as fuel in larger locomotives such as trains.

According to a study conducted in 2013, Iran has the most cars that run on CNG, with 3.50 million registered vehicles. Pakistan has 2.79 million registered vehicles, Argentina has 2.28 million, Brazil has 1.75 million, China has 1.58 million, Italy has 0.82 million, and Argentina has 1.75 million.

The Benefit of CNG

The advantages of compressed natural gas are as follows:

  • CNG causes minor damage to a vehicle’s engine, resulting in lower maintenance expenses.
  • Because the CNG tank installation and the complete system are fully sealed, there is no possibility of spillage or evaporation.
  • It has low flammability and does not ignite on heated surfaces.
  • Vehicles that run on CNG are deemed significantly safer than vehicles that rely on other fuels.
  • CNG emits less pollution and is better for the environment.
  • Because CNG is far less expensive than gasoline or diesel, having a CNG kit installed in a vehicle could significantly save costs.

CNG Prices in Pakistan

The price of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Pakistan is established and set by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, better known as OGRA. When petrol prices in Pakistan peaked in 2011, CNG became the preferred fuel for the majority of vehicle owners. Long lines of cars, Rickshaws, Wagons, and Pickups would develop outside CNG stations to fill their tanks one at a time.

Even when CNG supplies were scarce, drivers would discover CNG-stocked stations and then head to those stations to fill their gas tanks, even waiting for hours. CNG prices were significantly lower than those of gasoline or other fuels at the time. When CNG prices were deregulated in December 2016, it put a significant financial hardship on CNG consumers. CNG was available for 67.50 per kilogram, while petrol was priced at 66.27 per litre. Adding fuel to the fire was the country’s three-day CNG load shedding, which forced many users to return to petrol and diesel.

Following the change of CNG prices in 2016, the rate gap between other fuels and CNG is shrinking with each passing day, which is one of the apparent reasons why we no longer see much hustle around a CNG station in town. If CNG prices continue to rise, the day will come when CNG stations will be fully decommissioned.

The CNG Pricing

In Pakistan, compressed natural gas prices are finalized and regulated by region. Baluchistan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Potohar Region, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are included in Region One. CNG prices in these regions are lower when compared to prices in region two. Sindh and Punjab make up the second region for CNG distribution. CNG prices are higher in certain areas. If you drive a CNG vehicle, check the CNG prices online regularly.

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