7 Most Profitable Businesses in Pakistan 2022


According to the most recent census, Pakistan has 212.2 million people. There is a scarcity of resources, facilities, and jobs due to the high population density. Everyone is dealing with these issues. In these circumstances, starting your own business is the best option. Pakistan’s people are gifted, skilled, and hardworking. For a bright future, they must establish a proper business. There are many profitable businesses in Pakistan for 2022 that you can start right away with a small investment.

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Import and Export Business in Pakistan

Before starting any business, it is critical to have extensive knowledge.

Export is the process of selling your products to other countries, whereas import is purchasing products from other countries. The import and export business is growing in popularity in Pakistan, and it is predicted that by 2021, it will be the most profitable business in the country.

A bank account, a pre-shipment certificate (if needed), an E-form, a packing list, a certificate of country of origin, a B/L, and a Non-GMO certification are all required for exporting products.

The most important aspect of this business is finding the right buyer and supplier. If you are unfamiliar with trading, you can seek assistance from import and export service providers.

If you want to export the products, you can register as an exporter. Second, you must decide where you want to sell your products. Then you make an offer to the buyer, and the buyer bites the product’s price. If the request is accepted, a contract is signed based on the terms and conditions of delivery.

As an importer, your goods are unlikely to be exempt from customs. Clearing agencies assist many importers by compiling all documents and helping you with each procedure to deal with this issue. When the product arrives at customs, the import manifest number is assigned to the shipment, allowing it to be processed.

To clear the things or products, a copy of the NTN, a copy of the most recent sales text return, a copy of the importer’s registration certificate, a B/L, and a packing list are required.

In recent years, the import and export business has grown popular in Pakistan. Through this business, people are brightening their future. It is now becoming simple as a result of the evolution of e-commerce. Many young people are attempting to make money with it.

The Food Business

Everyone in this world has to meet their basic needs, one of which is food. According to the most recent 2018 census, Pakistan has 212.2 million people. Every person in Pakistan consumes food to maintain the cycle of life. As a result, because you need food every day, the food business is very profitable in any era.

It would be more profitable in 2021 because Pakistan’s population will grow by the day. In addition, there is a growing trend toward eating out rather than cooking at home. Depending on your budget and investment, you can start this business on a large or smaller scale. However, it will be profitable no matter where you start if you provide high-quality, tasty food.

The Medicine Business

Because there is adulteration in everything, especially edible goods, the medicine business is also very profitable in Pakistan. People are suffering from a variety of diseases due to poor food quality. Almost every third to the fourth person in Pakistan is afflicted with an illness. As a result, there is a greater demand for medicine.

COVID-19 would make the medicine business very profitable in 2021. COVID-19 has increased the demand for a variety of medicines. People require an increasing number of medicines, masks, and sanitizers, among other things. You can profit from your dreams in the medicine business because of the increase in demand for treatment. This industry is regarded as one of the most profitable in Pakistan.

Freelancing Career

In Pakistan, freelancing is the best and most profitable business. Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world for freelancing. Freelancing is becoming more popular, and by 2021, it will be among the most profitable and best businesses. The main reason is, once again, the COVID-19, which has increased the unemployment rate, so people are shifting their focus to making money online.

There are numerous platforms where you can offer your services as a freelancer, including Fiverr, LinkedIn, Guru, and Freelancer. These platforms can pay you if you have writing, editing, proofreading, or design skills.


Blogging is also vital in freelancing. A blogger can create and monetize their blogs using various methods such as Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Adsterra, PropellerAds, PopCash, Native Ads, Adversal, etc. With effort and time, you can earn more than $20,000 per month from this business. Furthermore, there is no need for you to invest in this business.

Smartphone Business:

The constant change in technology makes it difficult for many people to make a living in this business. However, if you get your hands on this business, you can earn a decent living. In Pakistan, there is a high demand for smartphones. You only need a small business investment to get started and some management, and a good location. Most businesses rely on location; you can double your earnings if you have the correct location.

A smartphone has an average lifespan of two to three years. Because 4 crore Pakistanis use 3G and 4G smartphones, there is a high demand for smartphones in Pakistan. So starting this business would not be a waste of your time.

Real Estate Investment

Property marketing is a great business to invest in Pakistan, as many housing schemes have been established in all of the country’s major cities. You must be knowledgeable about the company to begin this business. Property marketing is also required.

To begin with, you must have a professional name in the business to start any business, and this is no exception. If you understand the property marketing trends, you can succeed in this business.

The most important aspect of this business is effective communication with your customers. When dealing with clients, your communication is essential. It’s now up to you. You can earn millions by putting in some effort, and even more if you have some experience in the real property business.

So you now know which businesses will be more successful in 2021. It is now up to you to decide which business you want to put your effort into and hope for the best. Start a business because having an extra source of income is always a good idea for anyone at any stage of life.

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