Real Estate Investors Seeking Motivated Seller Leads: 3 SEO Tips


Anyone interested in real estate investment has to find the suitable property to buy and, ideally, motivated sellers. The current status of the housing market is onerous for both sellers and buyers.

In the United States, both new and existing house sales are declining. In July of this year, new house sales plummeted 12.6% month on month. New house sales have been at an all-time low since the beginning of 2016.

Existing house sales are not faring any better, having slipped to their lowest level since May 2020.

Property investors seeking for motivated sellers, on the other hand, are dealing with a very different demography. Cash buyers looking for distressed properties need leads. With so many cash-for-homes investors in the United States, it is critical to rank high in search engine results.

Engaging the services of a real estate SEO agency

An SEO agency could be the first port of call for a property investor seeking for more motivated seller leads. It takes a long time to optimize a website and develop a long-term SEO plan. Many website owners lack the knowledge and time required to perform SEO work.

Choosing an SEO agency that understands the property investment industry is critical. Understanding local real property markets is also beneficial. For example, Oyoy Inc works with property investors in certain geographies to find and collect legitimate seller leads from specific marketplaces.

How does a motivated seller appear?

A motivated seller is frequently someone who requires immediate financial assistance. As a result, a motivated seller could have increasing debts, tax issues, or be coming out of a divorce.

Motivated sellers, on the other hand, come in all shapes and sizes. Someone who is an absentee owner, for example, may want to sell. They could be working elsewhere in the country or have inherited an undesired residence.

Motivated sellers frequently offer distressed houses as well. Sellers question if little repairs can sell a home when major upgrades are required. While real property investors are interested in these properties, the average home buyer is not. These sellers must seek out different types of buyers. A good SEO strategy can help homeowners and property investors connect.

3 SEO recommendations for real estate investors

Being online is no longer sufficient. With so much competition in every industry, your website must rank as high as possible in search results.

This increases brand awareness and builds trust. If your site appears regularly in search results, you will begin to receive more leads, and your reputation will develop.

Using an SEO agency means that your site will be thoroughly reviewed, and a strategy will be devised to assist your site improve. The three areas that will be examined are listed below.

Develop a reputation as a local property investment expert

The way individuals buy and sell houses is changing. Since the pandemic, more millennials have purchased homes online than visiting realtors.

Homeowners can sell online as well, thanks to cash for property buyers websites. Buying properties online is a unique opportunity for a property investor to acquire motivated seller leads without having to tour numerous residential neighborhoods.

Writing content for local relevant websites might help you develop backlinks and establish yourself as a local authority. This implies you could become the first company that sellers contact and begin to dominate your market.

Enhance your local SEO

Aside from local link development, you should strive to appear as frequently as possible in local searches.

One critical step is to use Google My Business. This must be claimed and optimized for local SEO. 64% of website visitors have used Google My Business to find contact information for local businesses. When someone decides to sell their property, they will hunt for real estate agents or cash buyers in their area.

Taking control of your GMB can significantly increase your clickthrough rate, and 70% of clicks through Google search will be organic. Another local strategy to connect with your community and promote your brand is through social media.

Carry out keyword research

Another aspect of SEO that an agency will examine is your use of keywords. Ideally, the majority of your visitors will come from relevant searches. However, motivated sellers will only find you if your content contains the keywords they are searching for.

Focus keywords are essential in this case. Phrases like ‘how do I sell my house fast in’ or sell my house for cash’ are common. An SEO agency will also conduct competitor research to determine how your competitors are employing keywords and phrases, as well as their success rate.


These are only three ways where SEO may assist property investors. Having a website that appears when motivated sellers look for a buyer means you’ll get more legitimate leads.

Property investors make speedy decisions. The first buyer a homeowner approaches is likely to be the one who closes the purchase. To accomplish this, optimize your website’s SEO so that it appears at the top of all motivated seller searches.

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