6 Small Business Ideas for Students in Pakistan


It is challenging to start and manage a business as a student, but if you have an entrepreneur’s skills, passion, and qualities, no one can stop you. We will share some exciting and outstanding small business ideas for students in Pakistan that will powerfully start you in starting your business.

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Freelance Business

Freelance Business

Freelancing is a popular business in Asian countries. A freelancer is someone who works for themselves. Many people began freelancing during the lockdown because it was possible to do so while sitting in their own homes. Because of the low rates, international companies that do not have enough time to complete their projects hire Asian freelancers.

In Pakistan, it is a small but thriving business. It will require your hard work and knowledge. Freelancing is similar to working part-time. You can do it whenever you want. A good internet connection and a laptop are required to start freelancing. It would help if you also had a quick typing speed, a strong grasp of grammar, and the ability to make good sentence sense.

Many students, homemakers, employees, and professors in Pakistan do this job in their spare time to supplement their income. There are numerous websites from which you can contact clients.

You can specialize in graphic design, web development, or content writing in freelancing. If you are an expert in any of the above fields, you can earn a lot of money.

The Fries Business

The Fries Business

This is the most profitable of all small businesses. If you want to earn a good living as a student, this is the best option. If you have to go to school or college in the morning, you can do this in the evening. People who work in the fries/chips business can earn between 3,000 and 5,000 PKR in a single day. You’ll be surprised to hear this, but it’s the truth.

This business does not necessitate the majority of your efforts but your time. You don’t need a lot of money to start this business. It is a small business that requires little capital. To start this business, you will need all of the necessary ingredients for making fries and a suitable location. The location should be close to a school, college, or shopping center.

Travel Consultation

Travel Consultation

You can start a travel consultation business as a student. It is a good idea for a startup for you. You can run this business in your spare time. Travel is a passion for many Pakistan. They primarily travel to northern regions and European countries.

You can start your travel agency and provide tourists with travel consultations. You can organize various trips in this business, such as student and business trips and personal vacations. Approximately 1.75 million foreign tourists visited Pakistan’s northern regions in the previous year.

You can provide ticket booking and hotel services to those who travel outside of Pakistan. Advertise your business on billboards, ads, and social media to grow it quickly. It is a very profitable business.

Travel consulting assists travel companies in guiding a variety of areas. They also aid in enhancing their customer service, distribution strategy, business efficiency, and conversion rate. According to the airlines, OTA(s), and TMC(s), travel consulting plays a significant role in our business. Travel consulting services provide travel companies with expert advice.

Real Estate Business

A real estate property business is the best idea for a student who wants to start a small business with low investment and high profit. In Pakistan, it is a very profitable and profitable business. Starting a real estate property business does not begin with a large sum of money. This type of business is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. You only have good information and knowledge of the real property market.

The first step is to give your business a name that will provide it with a professional appearance. On property sales, the agents earn a substantial commission. Then, create a compelling portfolio that includes the services you offer and the mission and goals of your marketing business.

If you want to be in a booming property market in Pakistan, you must always keep up with market values. You can get more information about the property market from natural property agents if you need it. You can start this business on a small scale and then, as you gain experience, expand it to a larger scale.

Photography Business

In Pakistan, the photography business is becoming popular. The majority of students join this business to earn money in their spare time. In Pakistan, it is a popular business. If you enjoy taking selfies or taking photos, photography is the best option. You can record small videos of your favorite videos, such as nature, rain, cooking, food, makeup, etc.

For high-quality photos, you’ll need a DSLR and some lenses. If you are a tourist who enjoys taking photographs while traveling, you can create a travel diary album. You can also start your own wedding photography business and take on such projects.

When you understand photography, you can start a YouTube channel for vlogging and earn money from it. But the most critical aspect of photography is that you must be able to take a good photograph and know how to add effects. If you are unfamiliar with it, you should first learn about photography.

Makeup Studio

Makeup studios are the number one business in Pakistan. If you enjoy makeup and have the necessary skills and passion, you can open a makeup studio in your home. When people admire your makeup skills, they will naturally gravitate toward you and take inspiration from you. It is a small business idea for students, particularly girls who want to be entrepreneurs.

You must have high-quality makeup products to open a makeup studio. The products are available in any store, or you can shop online. Many online stores sell branded, high-quality makeup at affordable prices. You could also teach the girls how to apply makeup. Make videos of your makeup and post them on YouTube to promote your skills. You can earn money from both resources in this manner.

To begin, plan your business, such as the name of your business and the makeup charges. You must have a government-issued makeup certificate and license. Customers will be able to tell that you have professional makeup skills this way.

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