How to Start Garments Business in Pakistan


In Pakistan, the garment industry is vast and one of the most profitable. There are numerous clothing brands and businesses. Their clothes are sold all over the world. These brands have a good reputation in Pakistan. Pakistani garments are well-known throughout the world for their high quality.

Pakistan has a large number of textile factories. Faisalabad, in particular, is regarded as garment heaven. The quality is excellent. These garments are exported outside of the country. Pakistan’s garments and textile industry is large and well-known. It is one of the most important productions and one of the most exported products.

Garments Exports

Pakistan’s textile industry is one of its most important exports. Pakistani clothing is well-known all over the world. Pakistan has kept its standard. Its quality is exceptional and dependable. Garments bring in billions of dollars for Pakistan by being exported to various countries. It’s a substantial sum of money.

Pakistan received 5.0 billion dollars from garment garments in 2017. Even in 2018, this limit had surpassed $60 billion. That is a significant accomplishment. Linen is one of the most important exports because it is well-known worldwide. Pakistani cotton is also famous around the world. Men’s and women’s clothing are also essential exports from Pakistan to other countries.

Pakistan’s largest market for garment exports is the United States of America, followed by China and the United Kingdom.

Germany imports many leather garments (leather jackets, for example) from Pakistan. Developed countries such as France, Italy, England, and Spain import garments from Pakistan due to their dependability and standard.

The Rate of Employment

Because of its high-profit margins, the employment business employs many garments. Many people work in garment factories because they pay well. You could also work in a clothing store. You don’t have to start your own business; you can collaborate with someone else to help them grow their garments business.

It is also highly profitable. You can also work with others to collaborate or synergize. You can also start a joint business. Working for someone can help you learn and improve your business skills. Furthermore, there is a high employment rate in the garment business and related garments.

Equipment and Abilities

We need the equipment to start a clothing business. Sewing machines, tables, a cutting room, a fabric spreading machine, and other items will be required. Many things must be considered, such as the need for workers who understand how to perform this work.

Skilled workers are essential because they form the foundation of your business. Everyone would want to wear their clothes if they were good. So they buy them quickly, and they recommend that everyone purchase clothes from your store. It would help if you also had a basic understanding of mathematics because it is necessary for every business field to check and balance all activities.


If you’re starting started online, you’ll only need a small investment. If you want to start an online business, a budget of $10,000 to 20,000 will suffice. You should also be familiar with the fundamentals of online marketing and e-commerce. We’ll get into more specifics later.

However, if you want to open a store, you’ll need a good investment because you need to pay for the shop’s rent. You will spend your employees as well. As a result, it requires a much more significant investment than starting online.

Is the Clothing Industry Workable?

The question now is how we can start a clothing business. Overall, we know that the garment industry is very profitable. This business has a low risk of failure once you get started. That is a fact because the majority of people profit from this business.

However, determining where to start is a challenge. You are well aware that creating anything is difficult. A small group of people founded the brands mentioned above and clothing companies. And at a small cost. They grew more robust over time, and they now have an excellent reputation in society. They also have a good reputation in the eyes of the general public.

Pro Tips for Garments Business Pakistan

The following are some pointers on how to get started in the garment business.

E-Commerce Website

We can start a clothing business online and do nothing else. We must devote some time to learning these skills. They are beneficial and convenient. We should have our inventory so that we can fulfill the order.

E-commerce is not complicated; people use e-commerce more than they do shopping nowadays. People prefer online shopping because it is more convenient. We need some fundamental knowledge to create our website.

Even though you can start a business with less money, the Garments Business is very convenient (instead, starting is difficult). Aside from that, there is nothing to be concerned about if we do not have our website. We can work with websites like Daraz. We post our products on their websites, making them profitable and straightforward.

People are making money from this business. We should also be aware of where we can obtain stocks. It must be of high quality.

If you want to learn about e-commerce, you can browse various websites. There are also numerous tutorial videos. All you have to do is follow the points.

To start, you will also need to invest some money. Furthermore, you can begin with a low investment, which significantly benefits the garment industry.

You’ll also need to learn some marketing skills so that people can find your website. Marketing is a critical component of online business. The website’s design also plays an important role. It should be simple to use and understand. It is not difficult for people to use. Clothes or garments should be appropriately displayed. It is also critical to price it correctly.

Offline Garments Business

We discussed online business and how we can use various techniques to make it happen. There are also methods for conducting offline garments business. It would help if you started with the shop, and you’ll need high-quality clothes to display.

The shop should be in a good location where customers can easily find it. It should be in a convenient location. Also, make sure that the presentation is essential. Bill Gates famously said, “If you can’t make it good, make it look good.” We should make it look nice and presentable.

Starting a business in a shop is more complicated than starting a business online because you must invest more money. You must visit the shop and pay the rent and the electricity bills. There are also numerous other costs. As a result, it is a little more challenging to get started than if you started online.

If you invest wisely, your store will reward you. Make it look nice and feel comfortable. Another essential fact to remember when starting a clothing business from a store is that you will require some garments. You will need them because you will not be able to work in the shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It would help if you also compensated them for their efforts. They should also be well-trained and know how to interact with customers. They are how you will communicate with your customers. Your employees should be courteous to customers.

Many shopkeepers are extremely rude to customers. They treat them rudely and lose customers as a result. Everyone appreciates being treated well. It is a fantastic enticement for gaining loyal customers.

When starting a business, you must use logical concepts. They would undoubtedly repay you for all of your efforts.

In general, starting a garment business in Pakistan is not difficult. Everything, without a doubt, has its own set of difficulties. What we need to do is confront them. Aside from that, Pakistani clothing is well-known throughout the world. Pakistani clothing is thought to be of high quality. In terms of garments and apparel, Pakistan has a good reputation. As a result, these businesses account for a sizable portion of Pakistan’s GDP. As a result, Garments Business is regarded as the best option for starting a business.

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