UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan – AED to PKR History


AED to PKR Currency Rate Today

Today Dirham Rate in Pakistan is Rs: 50.5

29-03-2022 AED49.7 PKR50.5 PKR
28-03-2022 AED49.8 PKR50.6 PKR
27-03-2022 AED49.45 PKR50.2 PKR
26-03-2022 AED49.45 PKR50.2 PKR
25-03-2022 AED49.45 PKR50.2 PKR
AED to PKR History Chart

The United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Armenia use the Dirham as their official currency. The Persian States and the Ottoman Empire used the Dirham to measure mass in the past. The name ‘Dirham’ is heard a lot these days, whether from foreign exchange merchants or frequent visitors who visit the UAE frequently.

PKR to Dirham Exchange Rate

The exchange rate between AED and PKR has always been high since the value of the Emirati Dirham has stayed fixed to the US Dollar. Being a neighbor and having close ties to the UAE has never beneficially influenced the exchange rate. The exchange rate for AED was 22.66 PKR exactly 9 years ago, and instead of maintaining stable, it has continued to rise to the point that exchange rates have become highly ridiculous. The current AED to PKR exchange rate is Rs. 50.5.

The population of the United Arab Emirates is made up of 12.5 percent Pakistanis, who make up the second-largest group in the country with 1.2 million people. Because Pakistanis living in the UAE generate a significant amount of revenue for the UAE government and trade relations between Pakistan and the UAE are strong, the exchange rates of the AED and PKR should be made more reasonable, which would not only benefit Pakistanis traveling throughout the UAE but would also strengthen economic and financial ties between the UAE and Pakistan.

You can see the UAE Dirhams to Pakistan Rupee history for the last 30 days. In Pakistan, the current dirham rate is Rs. 50.5, compared to Rs. 50.6 yesterday. Because the AED rate in Pakistan is based on USD conversions, it fluctuates every hour.

AED Currency Information

The Dirham is also known as the ‘Emirati Dirham.’ One Dirham is made up of 100 fils. The symbol denotes the currency. AED is the currency code for the Dirham all around the world. Given that Indians make up the majority of the population of the United Arab Emirates, it’s no wonder that the most popular Emirati Dirham conversion is AED to INR.

The UAE’s foreign exchange market is the most popular and sought-after exchange rate. The Emirati Dirham has a 2.10 percent inflation rate. The Central Bank of the UAE regulates and exchanges the Emirati Dirham in the worldwide foreign exchange market. The 5., 10., 20., 50., 100., 200., and 500. AED bank notes are often used by locals, visitors, and currency exchange traders. The most heavily regulated coins are 1 and 50.

The History of Emirati Dirham

Dirham was a weight unit used in ancient times in the Middle East, Persia, and North Africa. By the end of the seventh century, a few Mediterranean kingdoms used Dirham as an Islamic currency, including Moorish Spain and the Byzantine Empire.

Foreign currencies such as the Indian Rupee and British gold coins were widely used in the country during the turn of the twentieth century. The Persian Gulf Rupee was equal in value to the Indian Rupee in 1959, and because the Indian central bank freely circulated it, the United Arab Emirates adopted it. The value of the Indian Rupee fell in 1966, and with it, the value of the Persian Gulf. That was the time when the UAE government considered adopting their currency.

Saudi Riyal was used as an interim currency while the Emirati Dirham was being constructed, and it was quickly replaced by Qatari Riyal, which Dubai Riyal subsequently followed. The Emirati Dirham was created in 1973 and was instantly embraced by all of the emirates. In the international exchange market, the Dirham had a fixed exchange rate in 1978, but in 1997, it was again tied to the value of the US Dollar, with 1 USD equaling 3.67 AED.

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